Environment, Health & Safety
Protecting our Environment

The plant (ISO 14001:2004) complies with all applicable environmental, health and safety requirements. We provide a safe and healthy work place by operating in an environmentally responsible manner.

Waste water, air emission and solid waste are managed in the most efficient way. We use multiple effect evaporator to distill out water from the liquid effluent which passes through reverse osmosis (RO) and is then recycled. We also have well designed scrubbers to scrub gaseous emissions. CO is incinerated in well designed incinerators.

To minimize waste, recycling and by-product recovery is done and all solid waste is transported to government approved disposal sites. Sajjan is also an equity partner with the local government in waste water pipeline projects.

Health and Safety

We are ISO-45001:2018 compliant and protect our employees from chemical and physical hazards. Appropriate controls and necessary technical protective measures are in place to mitigate health and safety risks. Safety information on identified workplace risks is provided to the workforce along with corresponding training to ensure adequate protection. All employees are provided with personal protective equipments. They also have access to medical facilities in a fully equipped medical center and an ambulance is available onsite.

Fire fighting equipments are placed at appropriate locations. Water hydrants and sprinklers located in several places in the site are maintained at a constant pressure. Water reservoir of 600 m3 onsite is reserved exclusively for fire fighting. Alarm Systems and Emergency Shutdown procedures are in place and regularly maintained.