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Meet Our Leaders​

At Sajjan India Limited, the fabric of TRUST holds us together, with individuals going beyond the call of duty to live our values daily. Our team of passionate leaders steer our long-term sustainable growth strategy and balance short-term goals in alignment with our purpose and values.

Management Team

Rajesh Kumar Srivastava

Managing Director & CEO

Devendra Kumar Ray

President, Operations

Dr. Anuj Mittal

President, Chief Technology Officer

Prutha Harshajith

President, Chief Human Resources Officer

Anand Kamat

President, Chief Supply Chain Officer

Debabrata Bhowmik

Executive Vice President, Head- Technical Services and Project Execution

Vijay Kumar Todi

Vice President and Head Key Accounts- Japan

Board of Directors

Mr. Anurag Surana

Chairman &
Non-Executive Director

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Srivastava

Managing Director & CEO

Mr. Anant Jain

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Siddharth T. Patel

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Steven Buyse​

Non-Executive Director

Ms. Jasmine Makkar

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Devendra Kumar Ray

Whole-time Director

Mr. Amit Soni

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Rajan Gajaria

Independent Director

Dr. Dirk Backhaus

Independent Director