R & D and Pilot Plant
R & D

Sajjan is backed by strong in-house R&D capabilities. Our top priority is to invest in scientists, technicians as well as laboratory instrumentation. Our R&D is spread over 500 m2 at Ankleshwar site and works 24/7 with an impressive track record. Our team comprises of qualified professionals (PhD’s and Scientists) who have developed several innovative and cost effective processes for intermediates involving multi step synthesis.

We have one team of scientists who dedicatedly work on cost improvements through increasing the productivity, increasing yield and reduction of waste water. Other scientists are constantly working on developing new chemistries. We have about 8 molecules under development at any point in time.

Pilot Plant

We have a Kilo Lab with capacity of up to 5 kgs and is well equipped with Thin Film Evaporator and Julabo machine for reactions ranging from – 40oC to 170oC.

We successfully develop and scale up from lab to kilo to commercialization. Our Pilot Plant has multipurpose reactors with distillation facilities for recycling of solvents. The list of equipment include: