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Business Segments

Sajjan has expertise in large-scale production of complex chemicals. Our primary products include Active Ingredients- Fungicide, Insecticide, Herbicide and Nematicide. We also manufacture speciality chemicals and intermediates for Agrochemicals, Pharma, Dyes and Pigments.


Crop protection is the key market for Sajjan India. We offer custom manufacturing solutions for Active Ingredients and Advanced Intermediates. We also have proprietary intermediates which we offer to our customers. Thanks to our state-of-the-art infrastructure and multiple decades of contract manufacturing experience we are the one-stop solution for the varied needs of the agrochemicals sector globally.

Our plants have large-scale manufacturing capability for Fungicides, Insecticides, Nematicides and Herbicides. We have demonstrated our success in undertaking synthesis involving multiple steps and complex chemistries, cost-efficient production, continuous improvements and on-time delivery. Our core competency includes handling varied solvents and reagents at a commercial scale as well as undertaking reactions under varied pressure and temperature ranges.


Sajjan India has multiple decades of experience in manufacturing non GMP starting materials, intermediates and building blocks for API’s for the pharmaceutical industry globally. 

Keeping in mind our growth plans, we are also investing heavily in new capabilities and capacities for the pharmaceutical industry. We are committed to delivering stringent quality intermediates and our agility and flexibility to cater to the growing demand is our core strength.

Speciality Chemicals

Sajjan India is experienced in contract manufacturing and proprietary products for speciality chemicals having applications across Electronics (photo initiators), dyes & pigments, Aerospace and plastic additives.

We have a proven track record of being the partner of choice for our customers due to the adherence to stringent and ever-changing quality requirements, flexibility in scaling up capacities as well as on-time delivery.