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Our Capabilities

Sajjan has a very robust in-house R&T capability. One of the top priorities is to continuously invest to enhance our capabilities. Apart from the existing setup, we have developed a state-of-the-art Research & Technology Centre and are soon launching our pilot plant. Our R&T is backed by our in-house strong analytical lab which ensures the highest quality standards of RMs, in-process material as well as finished goods.

Existing Synthesis Lab,
Pilot Plant & Analytical Lab


  • Automated Jacketed reactors for scale-up data generation
  • Capability to undertake reactions ranging
    from (-)80°C to 260°C
  • Hastelloy high pressure autoclaves
  • Fractional distillation setup
  • Lab thin film evaporator
  • Flow–Chemistry Collaboration

Pilot Plant:

  • MOC Flexibility – Glass lined, SS, MS
    and Hatelloy reactors from 50 lts to 2000 lts
  • Drying equipment like Centrifuge, Agitated Nudge Filter and Dryer (ANFD), Vacuum tray
  • Photo chlorinator
  • Vapour phase continuous reactor at Kilo Lab

Analytical Lab:

  • HPLC, GC and UPLC for method development
    and regular analysis
  • Head-space for residual solvent analysis
  • GC-MS and LC-MS for characterization and impurity profiling

New R&T Centre at Navi Mumbai

  • Key focus on high pressure reactions and new technology development
  • Wet lab, HPLC Lab, GC Lab, Characterization Lab, Method Development and Validation Lab as well as a NMR Lab
  • Capability for scale up data generation, process safety and new technology development – Flow Chemistry, HF Handling amongst others
  • Kilo Lab for smooth scale up
  • Process Safety Lab
  • High pressure/hazard handling

New Pilot Plant at Unit-02, Ankleshwar

  • To be operational by September 2023
  • ~ 1350 m2 built up (G+2) –  ~ 450 m2 footprint
  • Key Chemistries planned
    • Fixed Bed Catalytic
    • Photochemical – Liquid & Vapor phase
    • Nitration
    • Fluorination – Halex, AHF & other agents
    • Other Chemistries 
  • Volume: ~ 20 KL
  • Equipment MOC: SS, GLR Reactors, MSGL Autoclave, Continuous Photochemical Setup
  • High Vacuum distillation and associated equipment