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Code of Conduct

All employees are expected to have honest and ethical conduct while at work. Sajjan India is an equal opportunity employer and any form of discrimination or intimidation is unacceptable.

Strict measures are implemented to protect company assets and to ensure data privacy.

Employees are required to uphold the brand value of ‘Quality First’ while engaging with stakeholders, including customers, partners and the community. 

Leading By Example

Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal of Sexual Harassment at workplace.

All women employees are protected at work from sexual harassment, under the POSH Act. The act also provides for the prevention and redressal of such complaints. A formulated complaints committee ensures that all allegations are addressed.

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A framework exists for addressing grievances, other than sexual harassment. Any employee can submit his/her complaint in a given format, at the ‘Our Voice’ drop-boxes.

They can also submit the complaint in writing to the departmental heads. The ‘Our Voice Grievance Redressal Forum’ is committed to resolving every grievance within 12 days.

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We encourage employees to come forward and report matters that lack integrity and cannot be resolved at the managerial level. It is the responsibility of every employee to bring such matters to the notice.

The complaints can be submitted in the prescribed format at the ‘Our Voice’ drop-boxes. The Audit Committee addresses all concerns within a timeline of 45 days. We follow a very stringent non- retaliation policy and ensure privacy and rights of whistle-blowers are protected.

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The employees are discouraged to consume tobacco or any tobacco-based product within the company premises. This policy is further reinforced by managers across all locations.

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