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Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability Goals

The Health and Safety of employee who make up the Sajjan team is one of our top priorities. Our goal is – to achieve world-class safety performance.

To build a safety culture that promotes our goal of zero incidents eliminates risks across four key areas- Occupational Health, Personal Safety, Process Safety and Vehicle Safety.

12 Life Saving Rules

Always carry a valid work permit.

Valid Work-Permit

Obtain authorization before overriding or disabling critical safety equipment such as interlocks.


Use the Lock-Out Tag Out feature to ensure proper equipment isolation.

Equipment Safety

Ensure that only the trained & authorized personnel has access to operating the plant & machinery

Restricted Access

Be cautious while working from a height.

Be Cautious

Always use essential personal safety equipment.

Personal Safety

Always wear the seat belt and helmet on site.

Belt & Helmet

Do not use mobile phones while working on a machine, driving, or taking stairs.

Mobile Usage

Use of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited while on work/driving duty.

Substance Abuse

Be careful not to walk or work under a suspended load.

Suspended Loads

Always have fire safety measures & clear access to emergency exits.

Fire Safety

Always use the handrail while using stairs.

Use Handrails

5 Programs To Deliver Our EHS Sustainability Aspirations