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We are striving to create a positive impact on our people and the planet. We consistently seek to change our business practices to increase our positive environmental and social impacts as our commitment to building a brighter future. 

We are challenging ourselves, partners, and suppliers to take fundamental action and reform how we conduct business to design a sustainable future, from lowering the resources we utilize to the waste we produce.

Our Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability Aspirations

Zero Harm

Our ESG Committee ensures the safety of the staff & partners, keeping the zero harm policies in mind.

Water Neutral

Our Environmental journey involves the Clean Water Remake project and Solar Boilers' installation.

Zero Waste to Landfill

We practice the principles of zero waste to landfill and have successfully reduced it by 50%.

100% Compliance

We adhere to all the guidelines and policies issued by the government for the environment and human resource safety.

Green Chemistry

Our Green chemistry model of sustainable development has introduced renewable energy projects and setups.

Carbon Neutral

We ensure that our developmental measures fall within the specified limits of carbon footprint guidelines without harming the environment.

Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability and Engineering Management Systems

Management Review

Audits (External)

Assessment (Internal, HAZOPs, etc.)​

Design Principles

Integrity & Reliability

Engineering Capability