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Our Strengths

Our extensive chemical capabilities cover a variety of complex chemistries and multi-step synthesis making us a competent partner for existing and new molecules.

Our Chemistries

  • Vapour phase fluorination using AHF
  • Halex reactions using NaF / KF – Established process with high recovery and recycling of the solvent

  •  Reduction
    • Aromatic Ring
    • Double Bond
    • Nitro to Amine
    • Nitrile to Alkyl Amine
    • Dehalogenations
  • Use of precious catalysts like Pd, Pt, Ni, Co, etc with efficient regeneration

  • Carbonyl compounds to corresponding alcohols and alkanes

  • Conversion of aryl methyl group to carboxylic acid using HNO3, NaOCl, H2O2

  • Successful piloting of Grignard reactions taking into account high complexities and safety aspects involved
  • Successful recovery and recycling of solvents

  • Expertise in alkylation and acylation using various metal halide catalyst

  • Expertise in making α,β-unsaturated aromatic acid or α-substituted β-aryl acrylic acid
  • Recycling of the excess salt formation

  • With in-house generated boronic acid
  • Successful recovery and recycling of the precious metal

  • Using Bromine, Aqueous HBr, HBr in acetic acid
  • Capability to recover the bromine from HBr

  • Experience of synthesizing various heterocycles involving reagents like Hydrazine Hydrate, Monomethyl hydrazine and Sulphur compounds

  • Using Carbon monoxide , precious metal catalysts at high temperature  and pressure to introduce carboxylic acid and its derivatives

  • Introduction of aldehyde and ketone group in aromatic ring

  • Expertise in reaction under high temperature (up to 200°C) and pressure (up to 60 bar)

  • Involving sulfuric acid , nitric acid or fuming nitric acid

  • Involving Thiourea, Sodium Poly sulfide and Mercaptans

  • Conversion of halo into cyano group with sodium cyanide
  • Dehydration of carboxamide to nitrile
  • Experience in successfully handling Cyanide waste

  • Experience in reaction to introduce amino group

  • Experience to convert nitrile to imino-ether salt

  • Expertise in O, C and N Alkylations with aliphatic, aromatic and heterocyclic substrates