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FratelloWatches Interviews A G-Shock AuthorityWe enjoy those that have a real love for replica watches, whether this can be a desire for Pateks, Rolexes, independent watchmaking brands or Sreplica watches and G-Shocks. G-Shock can be a sub type of Casio and this will soon celebrate its 30th anniversary. Admitted, it's not at all business that's the top of mind whenever we write or contemplate replica watches, but we've found that there are a variety of fans out there that collect G-Shock replica watches therefore we don't see whatever reason to neglect them!What can be described as a better method to explore about G-Shocks than to ask a professional. We didn't have to search long, among them is usually a Dutch guy that has his own blog about G-Shocks (50Gs), an online site about G-Shocks (G-Peopleland) which is the moderator in the WatchUseek G-Shock forum. cheap replica watches Meet Sjors from G-Peopleland!FW: Sjors, you're moderator on the Casio G-Shock forum on WatchUseek since 2003 and you have become a guru with this subject from the time that. Can you explain to our readers why the G-Shock can be so popular?S: Although I'm the original G-Shock Forum moderator on WatchUseek, it absolutely was this site G-Peopleland which drew Ernie Romers (owner of WUS) his attention. Now I try to spread my down time between WatchUSeek, G-Peopleland and my G-Shock weblog 50 Gs . In particular the latter costs me a considerable amount of time. I do think the excitement of G-Shock would be the consequence of the enormous array of models beginning relative cheap models to high end models. You will find a G-Shock for everyone as well as every occasion.You regularly observe that collectors of top quality mechanical replica watches, such as Panarai, etc, tend to have a small G-Shock collection too. Whatever you sometimes happens that G-Shock collectors evolve into top quality replica watches collectors. Folks who do not know much about it Casio sub brand do often not know that G-Shock models don't stop higher than the 鈧?00 range. The existing MT-G and Giez line are suitable for instance nice replica watches for representative work on any office and with prices varying between 鈧?00 - 鈧?00 still affordable. For individuals who require a real quality model, must look in the MR-G range. The of the models start around 鈧?000 and climb to about 鈧?000. The best inside MR-G lines are the MRG-8100B, which has a sale price of 鈧?000.FW: What makes a Casio G-Shock better - or maybe more interesting - than its digital competitors?S: Using the G-Shock range, there are not many competitors. Their success formula is actually comparatively simple. Top quality digital replica watches for very good prices. There are other competitive brands that accompany trendy replica watches, especially sports brands like Adidas and Nike and you will have the Timex sports replica watches much like the Timex Ironman models, but frankly the G-Shock line-up in only looking best.FW: Are you able to elaborate within the reputation of the G-Shock?S: Everthing began with Mr Ibe Kikuo, a member of staff with the research department of Casio in the early 1980s. One 1 day his mechanical watch accidentally fell on the concrete pavement, producing a broken watch. He felt very sad and decided secretly to produce an indestructible watch. He gathered up a little team, called "Team Tough". Their aim would have been to produce a watch which could withstand an accident from 10 meter on a concrete floor, which has a battery lifespan for at least Several years and achieving a water proofing of minimal 10 bar. These rules became referred to as "Triple 10 Criteria".Their research was so secret, which he used the lavatory with the third floor for these particular dropping tests. It generated strange looking test models. Finally, as he saw a kid having fun with a bouncing ball, he completely redesigned his idea which has a floating module, which is still the actual heart of every G-hock. This floating module hangs in a variety of rubber shock breakers. In April 1983 Casio presented the primary G-Shock, the DW-5000C. It does not take first watch matching the "Triple 10 criteria". Later (using the introduction of replica watches for men EL-backlight) the ten year battery (it really is 15-18 year on a DW-5200C) was changed in no less than a ten year lifespan. Almost all G-Shock designs have a 20 bar water proof.G-Shock DW-5000C - 1983FW: Here on FratelloWatches we're also avid Speedmaster & Space program fans and pointed out that many of the NASA astronauts also have been wearing G-Shocks from the Toyota tows as an example. Exactly what is the story behind it? Personal number of astronauts or also chosen by NASA?S: It's a bit of both parties. If I'm correct NASA let astronauts free to pick which replica watches they take into space, but virtually adviced an Omega Speedmaster or maybe a G-Shock. Sadly, We've no training (yet) with all the Speedmaster, but a simple G-Shock contains the right functions for tests, especially the stopwatch and countdown timers. I can imagine these are typically used lots. I have come across photos of astronauts wearing multiple DW-5600E's on Space Shuttle missions. And also G-9000 Mudman looked like there was a common astronaut's choice. About 8 in years past, NASA bought a lot of GW-300 replica watches for his or her diving drills.NASA Astronaut Walz with his DW-5600E from the ISS.A NASA diver with his fantastic G-Shock GW-300FW: Will there be any logic within the reference variety of G-Shocks and just what are these model names like 'Mudman', 'G-Lide', 'Fairy's Charm', 'Gold Defender' and the like?S: Yes there exists, but where should i start explaining here are very plenty of layers here.First of all there is a basic line. There's generally a simple black kind of standard model. Casio refers the DW-5600 along with the DW-6900 for their historical basic G-Shock models. Other basic models can be made for approximately annually to a lot of years.G-Shock DW-5600Next you might have special models aimed for special groups replica tag heuer formula one watches . The G-Lide is certainly a old series throughout the G-Shock line, specially for extreme sporters. For these particular sports you need to think about skateboarding, all sorts of surfing and snowboarding. This probably explains the name a tad.G-Shock G-LideI stated previously the more high end models, which can be found inside Giez, MT-G and MR-G series. MT-G means Metal Twisted G-Shock, where premium quality resins meet metal.Then you've got the special purpose G-Shock models, referred to as Master of G series replica breitling instructions watches . Most of these models have their name ending on -man and consider their special purpose. On the market will be the Mudman (several versions), Gulfman (several versions), Riseman and, likely the best know of the range, the Frogman, currently available in retro DW-8200 shape as GF-8200 as well as the GFW-1000/GF-1000 (W is short for capable of receive Atomic Clock signals). Internet websites G designs have an exclusive series line, know as the person Coloured series. It began in 1997 with all the Men In Black series, as well as a Men in Yellow series. Now a great deal of colors happen to be added. The latest series is easily the most recent Men In Military Colors number of 2012.G-Shock MudmanG-Shock GulfmanG-Shock RisemanG-Shock FrogmanGF-8250About monthly Casio releases several new G-Shocks. Sometimes as a basic model, but frequently a part of a new series, that has a series name, as you mentioned previously as Gold Defender and Fairy's Charm. Currently popular series are for instance the Metallic Dial, Hyper Color, Crazy Colors plus the recent 30th Anniversary "Rising Red" series.And lastly you will find the collaboration models and Casio has created many of them. Some are limited in Japan. Collaboration will often be done with urban clothing brands, band, musicians, graphic artists. Extremely limited production models can be achieved for any store or brand, which is then only purchased from that store or by that brand. Recently Casio released 2 Dutch collaboration models, one with OntFront and another with Dutch web designer and musician Parra.G-Shock ParraFW: The amount of G-Shocks models do you own and which models can be your favorites?S: Currently my G-Shock collection is getting ready to hit the 600 mark, on the other hand have also about 25 Baby-G models somewhere. The best thing about G-Shocks is always that there exists a great deal variety in models and colours. Still, I think the DW-6900s, some kind of special DW-8800 Codename Ciphers plus the Frogman models are my biggest favorites.Some G-Shocks Sjors bought on a journey to JapanFW: Which G-Shock model(s) do you advice on the starting collector?S: That is a difficult question, and that is about dependant on personal preference. Are you searching for something big, I could recommend a GA-110 model. Something small, a DW-5600 or a Giez. Something more sturdy, a DW-6900 maybe? It truly is maybe like advising someone for the good mechanical watch. A Seiko Monster will not be an Omega Speedmaster or possibly a Panarai.FW: What might are the most desirable configuration Casio can create later on?S: You can imagine lots of exotic features over a digital watch, but frankly, I love a model whether or not this incorporates a Round-the-clock Countdown Timer with Auto Repeat plus a Round the clock Stopwatch plus some good alarms. Whether it is Tough Solar and "Atomic" (able to receiving an Atomic Time signal), it's more perfect. If you're an fan of dive replica watches, the Frogman will be the ultimate G-Shock for diving. It does not take only ISO tested 200m water resist model. Frogman's have survived dives further, including a World Record dive of 318m by Nuno Gomez. If you'd prefer walking backwoods or maybe mountain climbing, most likely the Riseman with it's Altimeter is one area for you.FW: Were you talking to Casio, have you ever visited them?S: I am talking to Casio Europe, Casio Benelux and even had connection with Casio Japan. I never attended an office, but I have met individuals from Casio Japan, Casio Europe and Casio Benelux. We have also been capable of meeting Mr Ibe Kikuo himself twice.Sjors and mr Ibe KikuoFW: Out of your own experience, would be the G-Shock enthusiast entirely different from collectors (or aficionados) of high-end mechanical replica watches?S: I do believe a lot of them are. Probably they're much younger than My business is, but that's no guarantee. There's also G-Shock collectors which also older than me. Often they are much less serious as mechanical watch collectors and you also find them in most layers of people. I am aware students collecting them, but my co-moderator is a lawyer, whenever i know dentists and much more lawyers who're collecting G-Shocks. Often (usually) G-Shock collectors love sporting. Also most G-Shock collectors and aficionados are relaxed and considering a multitude of subjects, like collecting vinyl figures, sneakers, bicycles. For anyone who is involved in G-Shock collecting for a short time, it's easy to develop also an interest in Japanese culture.FW: The opposite way round, what could be your favorite mechanical timepiece and do you have any?S: I truly would like to own an Omega Speedmaster in the (far) future. In Japanese culture it's a common tradition which a good mechanical watch goes from father to son or grandson. Only die, I'd like to pass around this kind of Omega to my son.I get a smaller collection of Pontiac mechanical replica watches from across the 1950s. Even further I've got a Seiko Orange Monster and a Citizen Ecozilla. Rogues would be a very special gift from Ernie Romers. He thought the watch was defect, just isn't a genuine problem personally. I get a Citizen dealer near who does also their repairs (a great deal of professional divers work through my area). Actually the watch only just needed a compact reset.FW: We appreciate you your time Sjors!Ensure that you go to 50Gs blog by Sjors about Casio G-Shock replica watches: http://50-gs.blogspot.nl/ (in English).